August 3, 2011

  • Yarn Along and Weight Watchers Weigh In

    Joining Ginny from Small Things again this week for the Yarn Along.

    What is that you say? This picture looks just like last weeks? Why yes, yes it does. That would be because everything is the same as last week when it comes to both the knitting and the book. It was a crazy busy week and time to knit or read just did not exist. I am sure it existed in my alternate universe but I don’t know how to get there. ;)

    And my weigh in today showed that I stayed the same. I am happy with this….still haven’t had a gain yet so staying the same is good to me. I lost a smidge in the measurement department. I managed to get 2 zumba classes in for the week as well as a 6 and 8 mile bike ride. I would never have been able to do that when I started this journey. It feels good to be getting fit.

    Happy Wednesday!!

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  • Congratulations on your wonderful feelings of fitness! I’m starting out working out (again) myself and looking forward to growing stronger every day!

    Since I sometimes have weeks where not much (no?) knitting and reading get done, I’m always glad to see someone who posts on the Yarn Along to show the same stuff as last week. Sometimes life just intervenes, and knitting and reading aren’t races — they all get done in their own time. Happy knitting and reading! — Kathy at

  • Sounds like you’re definitely making progress! Great job!

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